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I'm a student, persuading Civil Engineering. Part time writer, photographer and drummer. I love to travel and discover new cultures, music and foods. I'm a big fan of science, especially Astro-physics, technology and gadgets, automotive engineering, civil engineering and philosophy are also on the same list.

Since you write…

Since you write…

Pages, you need might

So with all my love & warmth I present you a notebook

For all your thoughts & lonely thoughts let it be the nook




When you’re ill…

To know, I’m there with you still,

To remind you, in time take your pill!




When you miss me…

Remember baby, I’m away for you & me

Close your eyes, I’m right here, when you want me to be




When you’re mad at me…

If you’ve too much to shout, write it down, till next time you see me

Or if your anger has locked you down, go through the pages & you’ll find the key!




When you feel low…

And you’ll feel bestow,

my love on you, as you always know




When you feel blessed…

Cherish our moments, whenever you’re stressed

Hope I can make you smile & forget the rest




When you feel wow…

Or you can say remembering me right now!

Maybe you’ll get inspired reading again our vow


Since you write…

If it’s dark or night

In land or in flight

At peace or at fight

Feeling low or height

Whether day or night

Loud or quite

Maybe wrong or right

In or out of sight

Of ink black or white

This is just what you need, might

Since you write…